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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Life is just one damned thing after another... 

The title is a quote (Elbert Hubbard) I found on the (small "i") internet.
How true. How true.
For the past year or so, I'd been pushing for a small promotion from Instructor to Instructional Designer. It's a hassle having to teach classes at Midnight, let me tell ya.
So I busted my hump and worked on design projects. I almost wrote "thankless" as an adjective to "design projects" - but that wouldn't be fair.

I got the promotion.

Then Naidabel accepted a job in New York.
Our team took one step forward and two steps back. We were already short two designers so promoting me filled one requisition. Naidabel leaving us in the lurch sent us back to GO (do not collect $200). So then I inherited one of her "humongous-and-impossible-to-understand-when-you-join-it-in-the-middle" projects. Nifty. I like a challenge. I get to visit Phoenix! Whoo hoo! I love 125 degree summer weather!

Good News: Jose has been working with Naidabel on this project and has a good handle on it.
Bad news: Jose is jumping ship, too. After next week... Jose go bye bye.

Not that I'm complaining. But.... It sorta explains why it's taken me so long to update this damned blog.

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