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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Catching up on Movies 

I guess I've become a sorta Paul Giamatti fan.
I saw both
Sideways and American Splendor and think that this "regular guy" actor is a genius. Of course, he's gotten lucky with good material and good directors and co-stars, too.
His next movie out will probably be the one my Mr. M. Night Spooky. And that scares me a bit. Not sure why, but it does.
I also finally saw
The Aviator, by Scorsese. I really like DeCaprio and I thought the picture gave a bit of insight into one of the most famous men of mystery.
Alfred Hitchcock's
Sabotage was a cheap DVD I bought somewhere. An early film of his, it took some time for the suspense to come 'round. No surprise throughout the first part of the movie as we knew from the beginning that Mr. Verloc was one of the bad guys. What I liked about this movie was that the characters seemed intelligent. When it started to become obvious that the police were watching Verloc, no one tried to pretend it wasn't happening. When evidence was obvious, people came to the correct obvious conclusions. The suspense comes in when an innocent boy is sent off to deliver the saboteur's bomb and we sit at the edge of our seats wondering whether or not the kid will get out of harms way in time.
Man. Hitchcock sure knew what he was doing. Now I just gotta rent or buy the rest of his famous movies. I've never seen most of them.

Don't know wht comments went bye-bye. But now they're back!
I haven't watched Sideways yet, but I loved American Splendor.
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