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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ramble Time 

No, I'm not talking about it being Ramble time at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden, though the event is going on this very weekend.
No... I'm referring to the fact that I'm just going to ramble on a bit. Like that's anything new.

Things are mostly back to normal, after Wilma. Back to normal if you still have a roof over your head. My sister Irene lost her roof and all of the walls on her floor of the condo will need to be replaced, as well. Estimated reapair time? Six fuckin' month's to a god-damned year! (
pardon my French). My sister Sue has leaks and has to deal with her idiotic condo association. My mother's house was bearly touched, but now she's got Irene living with her, so that'll take some adjustment.

Anyway... at least Terrible T can go to the
Miami Book Fair, this year. I'll stay home with the kids. Going with T is no issue, but those kiddies do get to be a pain in the ass when we go to events they're not as appreciative of. And they've got Disney World to look forward to. Soon.

Of course, we also plan to go to the Fairchhild
Ramble. So this weekend looks to be especially hectic. The kiddies do like the Ramble, though. So long as we take a rest frequently. Most years it's unusually hot on the day of the Ramble. I'd hoped we actually get Autumn weather, this time around. Wouldn't that be nice. Like... a nice low temperature of 75 degrees F?
Unfortuantely, the
Oracle says it'll be up near 80. Ick.

The stuff I sent to
Found Magazine did not get published, this time around. Oh well. I guess I'll have to keep trying.
Here's a preview of the type of stuff I send them... for for the fun of it:

I found this item in the parking lot of a local Einstein Bros. Bagel shop.

It doesn't look like a very threatening Gangsta Get-Together. I expecially got a kick out of the last lines, "Warning: Gangsters may be present. We do not take any responsibility for any shootings, Creative movement, or other activities on the scene."


Creative movement? Like what?

Silly Walks?

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