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Friday, November 11, 2005

Clean Up Time! 

Most of South Florida finally has electricity, if not a roof that doesn't leak. Everywhere you go, you see blue tarps draped over roofs (shouldn't that be rooves?).
They ("They" being the extra ten thousand or so aliens who've come to South Florida to charge us an arm and a leg to do those things that just gotta be done) have finally taken the logs and branches away from the front of my property. I can now travel down my street at more than 2 miles per hour since I'll actually be able to see if someone's trying to back out of their driveway.
My "On-The-Way-To-Work" Traffic has improved greatly. Not just because most of the lights are now in working order. It has more to do with the fact that I'm coming in at 4:00 AM. Not fun when Terrible T makes me take the family to her favorite mall in Boca Raton and keeps me up until 10:00 PM. Five hours of sleep just doesn't cut it for an old guy like me.
Too bad I'm not too fond of the taste of Red Bull. That would certainly keep my eyes opened.
Of course, drinking Red Bull would be greatly preferred over this device, invented by some fun-loving Japanese folks. Seriously. A Japanese man created a new art form, a few years back, he calls "Chindogu." It's the humorous art of creating something that's almost useful, but not quite. You can read a bit about it from this article, "The Chindogu Champion: Can absurd analog gadgets help dispel the digital doldrums?"

You might have more fun just Googling Chindogu. So here's your assignment: Search out the meaning of Chindogu and read all ten tenets. Then write a foot and a half about the subject and have it ready for our next lesson. (No magic allowed for this assignment.)
Marc and I are going to create some Chindogu, ourselves. We've each done one and I have a second one planned. I'll post photos, once I figure out a way to get decent shots.

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