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Monday, November 21, 2005

Ambled to the Ramble 

Well... we did another Fairchild Ramble. This is about the fifth year straight. As you can see, the lily pond has a few new additions. Not at all like Last Year's Ramble. The Gardens are preparing for an exhibition of glassworks by the artist, Chihuly, whose shop makes all sorts of very pretty and quite unusual glass objet d'art. This is what the lily pond looks like, this year, complete with odd looking globes of glass. Thank God it doesn't look as if Tropical Storm Gamma's going to make it to us. It would ruin a whole lotta Thanksgivings and smash some priceless works of art.

Actually... that might be cool to see. A new art form. Install large glass objects and let a storm break them down into something new. Performance art with Nature as one of the artists!

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