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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Modern Stoneage Family 

I'm at work as I type this. Not that I'm actually working yet. Damned Wilma set us back to practically the stone age. But we're doing okay without electricity. Breakfast and dinner are a challenge, each night. But we're managing. Since I have gas, cooking's a lot easier for me than for most. I waited on line for a bit to get ice, today. Now the kids' milk and that last ham-steak will not go bad.
I work a bit of a distance from my house, even though The Big A has a closer facility. I'm at the closer facility to read my email and type this little blog message. Hopefully, gas will soon be available in lines less than 3 hours long.
Now I need to pick up the kids and then, it's back home to a stinky fridge. Ugghhh!
I'll have pix once we get electricity.... sometime next year!


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