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Monday, October 31, 2005

Thank you, Ready Kilowatt! 

Thank you Ready Kilowatt and Florida Power and Light. I bow to thee. Thank you for allowing me to finish reading Catch-22 (for about the third time) without totally ruining my eyesight. Thank you for getting my burglar alarm up and running without constantly beeping. Yes, Virginia, there is electricity!

I was also able toget gasoline for my car in under ten minutes at the local Chevron station. Oh thank thee, Lord Crude of the fossil fuels.

And thank thee Comcast for not yet restoring cable and keeping my home free of Cartoon Network annoyances.

Happy Hallowe'en, folks!


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Modern Stoneage Family 

I'm at work as I type this. Not that I'm actually working yet. Damned Wilma set us back to practically the stone age. But we're doing okay without electricity. Breakfast and dinner are a challenge, each night. But we're managing. Since I have gas, cooking's a lot easier for me than for most. I waited on line for a bit to get ice, today. Now the kids' milk and that last ham-steak will not go bad.
I work a bit of a distance from my house, even though The Big A has a closer facility. I'm at the closer facility to read my email and type this little blog message. Hopefully, gas will soon be available in lines less than 3 hours long.
Now I need to pick up the kids and then, it's back home to a stinky fridge. Ugghhh!
I'll have pix once we get electricity.... sometime next year!



Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Long Time no Blog 

Yeah, yeah... I know. I haven't updated my blog since Idon'tknowwhen.
I been really busy, what with my garage getting a make-over, new soffit and fascia being installed, hurricanes threatening us, and 3rd Shift keeping me busy busy busy.
At least my boss is letting me do more course (and web) design.
All the work being done on the house was way too expensive, but it was all done quite nicely. Having taken everything out of the garage, we now have to go through it before putting anything back. I can't believe how many 1980's comic books we still own. Some really nice ones, too. I'm afraid we need to get rid of some of them, though. >sniff<
I get Netflix, now, so I'm catching up on some movies I've wanted to see. I finally saw Garden State, Grosse Pointe Blank, and a few other good ones. I've also shared some corny old comedies with my kids, like The Great Race and The Incredible Mr. Limpet. Tomorrow: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Oohhhhh. Scary, I hope.
In theaters, we all saw The March of the Penguins. A little slow, at times, but I learned a lot. The theater was a bit cold, which helped put us into the Arctic (or is that Antarctic?) environment. Well, not really. It wasn't exactly 50 degrees below in the theater.
Today I saw The Corpse Bride. I love it when Tim Burton seems to do what he really wants to do. This is almost as good a Nightmare Before Christmas.

I've got some pictures to upload, so maybe there will be more to show and tell in a few days. If I can make the time....


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