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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wonderfully Politically Incorrect, Part One. 

I've totally abandoned regular broadcast networks. NBC? CBS? ABC? I don't ever seem to be able to click the channel down arrow past 42.

On Monday Nights, I watch the Travel Channel. Not for its insightful documentaries about tribal natives. I watch for Cash Peters. Cash used to lend his body and voice to some wild segments on NPR's weekly travel show. He would travel to quirky tourist traps and describe them to radio listeners. Places like the Barbed Wire Museum and the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast (Bacon? No thank you). The best thing about his commentaries is the fact that he's brutally honest in a charmingly sarcastic way. He doesn't hold back his thoughts or questions, asking things like, "Why would anybody ever want to visit a museum dedicated to barbed wire?"
He's also writtten a book or two, Cash has.
And now he's on TV. The show is called Stranded, and the concept is a bit silly and knows it. Cash is stranded in some quirky part of the world without any cash. He charms his way into a native's heart and bums meals and a one night stay. This fast half hour show entertains greatly as Cash voices his opinions and observations while sometimes insulting the natives by simply being honest. Last night he visited Solvang, a California town that looked so Dutch that it could have been beamed to California from its founders' native country. Cash discovered many interesting things in Solvang: Cafes and bakeries, A Dutch History Museum, cafes and bakeries, a doll store, a "not-so-secret-society," and some cafes and bakeries. One baker even took him home for a restful night, reading him a story before bed!
At the doll shop, he asks the proprietor for a doll while somehow managing to insult the Dutch. Of course he apologized, but he did it somewhat left-handedly and got a bit of a dirty look for it. Apparently, the Dutch are very generous. In any case, she gave him the doll (he couldn't very well buy the thing since he had no money and you're quite sure that if he had had some money he wouldn't have bought the doll anyway).
If you're willing to sit through a commercial, you can see an ad clip, here.

Check out the show's schedule. Check out the show.

Tomorrow, I'll continue with an introduction to two new show on FX that take political incorrectness to new heights: "Are you hitting on me? At an abortion rally??"

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