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Friday, August 26, 2005

Wonderfully Politically Incorrect, Part Two 

Reserve Thursday nights for FX.
Really. If you'd like to have a good laugh before bed, I highly recommend the two newest Mature Adult shows with the most immature subject matter:
Starved features a group of friends with eating disorders. What will you see in a show like this?
See! a bulemic cop pull over a bicycle riding Chinese food delivery boy so he can confiscate the delivery.
See! a well-built black man eat dinner for two every night, only to throw it all up.
See! the commodities trader who has his assistant lock up his chocolate snack cakes... the ones he's willing to eat out of a trash can, when desperate enough.
See! the rotund writer who visits an S&M parlor so he can watch football on TV while "spanking" a marital surrogate.
See! a bisexual anorexic bulemic singer songwriter compete for the lowest body-fat index... against a recovering cancer patient!
See! the commodities trader not follow his doctor's advice, resulting in testicles the size of grapefruits!
One hilarious show is followed up by another:
It's Aways Sunny in Philadelphia, a show about four 30 somethings who act like glue sniffing teens.
One week, the guys are hanging out a anti-abortion rallies... to pick up chicks for hot sex!
The next week... they're opening their bar for underage teens, allowing them to purchase watered-down drinks. They also windup invited the the prom! Welll.... sort of.

You just have to see these shows to believe them.
See them.

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