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Friday, August 26, 2005

Living in Florida Sucks (with a capital "S") 

Well, it just plain sucks to live in Florida.
Hurricane Katrina hit South Florida and we South Floridians continued to do stupid things...
like the guy who tried driving his semi in the storm, only to have it pushed over while trying to ride over an overpass. And the other poor fools who left their homes and tried to go on with life. And died. A tree fell on one guy in a car and one guy out of a car. Both died. So did the idiot who tried to drive in the mess and smacked into a tree. Trees + 90 mile an hour Winds + Rain = Death.

We're now up to 7 deaths from this measly category one storm. Man, I shuttered up the house and hunkered down (well maybe not hunkered down) with my wife and kids and waited it out.

Here's what Katrina did to a ficus tree a few streets down from me:

The damned thing blocks Fig Tree Lane... a major entry into our development (though luckily, not the only entry.)

I lost some Mango tree branches but got my electricity back before most of my friends. So I guess I came out of it okay.

Sometimes I think that man really was not meant to last as long as we have, on this unpredictable Earth.

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