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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Great and Evil Beast: Zotob 

My niece has been reading a lot of H. P. Lovecraft. Though I've not read his horror stories, I'm a little familiar with his extremely original monster concepts: Giant octopi and ugly things with too many tentacles. He came up with great names for them, too. Names like: Cthulhu (the big octopus guy), Mi-Go (a race of yeti-folk), Tsathoggua (toad-like god-creature), Shub-Niggurath (Hellish cloud-like entity), and the Shoggoths (luminous and bubbly, they are).

I came across a new beast, today. The Great and Evil Beast Zotob.
This is another dark and tentacled monster created by the horrendous god-like being known as Gates, for its innate ability to open the gates from Hell to let loose numerous evils.
Any poor soul who cannot afford to employ a large force of guardians may be attacked by this nasty slithery thing.

Imagine that you are ruling over a large fortress, managing all of its soldiers, servants, and resources.
Once it gains access to your fortress, all is lost. Its many tentacles slither from one part of the compound to another and then another and so on... spreading little more than fear; but then fear may be quite effective at slowing down or halting the work of your servants.
They will lose many of their contacts with the outside world and have to scramble around like maniacs trying desperately to do what they've been trained to do for much of their miserable lives.
Your officers will need to make some hard decisions; sending some servants home while temporarily exporting their tasks to your allies in another region. That is, if your allies have not also been attacked by the hideous Zotob.

My day at The Big A Fortress has just begun. And already... it's been a strange one. Yes. We were attacked by Zotob. We're not paralyzed.

But we are scrambling.

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