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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm Baaaack 

School Days:
Been a while, hasn't it?
I've still been really busy at work, busy trying to act like a real husband, busy remortgaging the house so we have some money to spend on it, busy taking that final math class that will earn me my Bachelor's degree... and so and and so on, and so on....

I missed half a point on one of the exams, but aced The Final. I should get an A. I have a 3.98 Grade-Point Avereage, now. We'll have to see if I can get it back up to a respectable 3.99 GPA. (Damn John Russette, the Project Management instructor who gave me an A-!!!)

Any way...
I am still awaiting the actual official grade and then have to fill out forms and ensure there's nothing left that's required by UoP. Then I'll get the degree in 4-6 weeks, or some shit like that.

Paula Poundstone:
My wife and I and two friends from work are planning to see the infamous Paula Poundstone, Saturday Night. I've befriended Paula's manager via this wonderful World Wide Web. So I think Im going to be Paula's "Special Guest." That means the Improv comped us the table and tickets. We only have to pay for the two drink minimum... and that's no problem.
We should also get to see Paula, back stage, after the show.

I guess I'll get to name-drop a lot, after that:
Me: "Hey, I got to meet Paula Poundstone. She's so cool. Just a regular guy! And she's so damned funny! She doesn't look as pretty when you see her close-up, but she's really very nice."

22 year old co-worker: "Paula Who?"

I met Paula's manager, Bonnie, when I passed through Paula's web site. She emailed me asking how I'd found the site and how they could get more visitors. I started giving little bits of advice and the back-and-forth emails have continued.

I've offered even more help, but I'd have to charge them actual cash and they, apparently, can't spare much. Ahhh... those damned legal fees.

Don't understand the reference? Do some Googling!


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