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Sunday, April 10, 2005

A little bit of this & a little bit of that... 

We're going to have a (mostly) family get-together to honor my father, who passed away in March. My mother has asked me to speak at the gathering and act as the person who would run the procedings. I can't help but think of this as a request to be the M.C. of some program...
"What a wonderful poem that Harold's granddaughter has read! Don, tell the young lady what she's won!"
Then of course, I had to write something for me to read. Sure, I could read the things that the rest of my family has been putting together for this memorial picnic, but everyone knows I can write a little, so I thought it was sorta expected that I would have my own speech. A eulogy.
But it's kinda hard to think of things to write about my dad. For the most part, we were opposites. Dad loved to spend time under a car or a sink. I like to watch Cartoon Network on my comfy chair. Dad wanted me to understand the complexities of the experiments he'd perform at work. I wanted to play Scrabble.
I've written the "speech" and I think it's honest and loving. But now I feel like the Corporate Course Designer that knows he isn't going to get a chance to pilot the class before he has to roll it out. And I'm the Instructor, too. I guess I'm a bit more nervous than I normally would be if the same thing happened at The Big A.
This is personal.
Wish me luck. If all goes well, I'll post the speech here on my blog.

We wanted to take the kids out for a nice meal, last night. We had a gift certificate for Bonefish Grill, but they had an hour wait.
So we drove into Fort Lauderdale to see if we could get a table at The Melting Pot, which just opened in a new location. They informed us that their next opening was at 9:00 PM. We declined, but they were nice enough to give us a $10.00 Gift Certificate for our next visit (Sunday through Thursday).
So we went to our old stand-by Thai restaurant, Suko Thai. We sat in the back near the bathrooms and this little cut-out in the wall. It wasn't deep enough for books or large statuary. So they painted it black and rubbed some silver leaf all over it. They added a few vases with silk roses and, for some strange reason, a couple of small figurines of butt-naked asian babies. They look like the Oriental version of a couple of tacky figurines Terrible T likes to keep in our bathroom.
Cute. Tacky is Universal.

Our Bathroom Baby

Suko Thai's Version

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