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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

That Star Trek Kid Gets to Play a Homeless Psycho! 

I like to think of Wil Wheaton as my little brother. Not because I'm such a big fan of his work, but because I'm proud of his growth as a person and a father. He seems like a really cool dad. Certainly cooler than me.
So... when I read his Blog, I'm always looking for good news and interesting family stories. The good news? He landed a role on CSI. I've always thought he could end up a pretty good adult actor, if given the chance. He was pretty darn good in Stand by Me.
I know it can be difficult to make the transition from kid-star to adult actor. Look at Diff'rent Strokes: Todd Brideges got arrested, Gary Coleman got laughed at, and Dana Plato got dead. After doing some porn. Not particularly good transitions.
Helen Hunt, Kurt Russel, and some others did fine. And many others transitioned into non-acting jobs.
Wil has somehow managed to stay on the fringe and continue to keep a fan base, of sorts. And he's continued to learn how to hone his acting skills. Obviously CSI thought he'd be worth a try. They even put him into a role that would stretch his skills and surprise their audience. He doesn't play a highschool genius or a young up and commer.

He plays a dirty psychotic street bum.
Now that sounds like fun. I've never seen CSI, but you can bet I plan to tune in!

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