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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Obladi Oblada 

I’ve been sick, this week. No surprise. Marc came home from Washington D.C. with some virus. He’s gotten over it, but, now Alex is sick, Grandma is sick, and I am too. We haven’t visited Grandma since our return from Gainesville, last weekend, so she can’t blame us for what she’s got. Shit’s just going around, I guess.

Good News: University of Phoenix has finally added a couple of Math courses to their Upper Division curriculum. This means I won’t have to try to CLEP the Math test or go to another school to take a Math course and then have the credits transferred. By mid-June, I should be (finally) finished with my Bachelor of Science in Business Management. And if I don’t screw up horribly, I’ll end up with a really good GPA.

I suppose I’ll have to go out and get drunk.

Oh. BTW: I have been submitting more pictures to the Mirror Project. You can see all of my pictures, here. I’ve recently started to add the word “fuzzy” into the text or the title of the submission. I doubt that many people will be doing searches based on the word “fuzzy”, but it’s kinda fun to stack the deck, when they do.

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