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Friday, March 11, 2005

A Letter To Wil 

You tell us (we who frequent your blog) that you read all of the comments and Track-Backs. And I prefer to believe you. I’ve tracked back to your blog before. I screwed up the track -backs, the first few times, but Haloscan helped me figure out what I’d been doing wrong. So, I have to assume that you’ve been here before (not that you’ve left any comments).
After reading today’s post, I have to say I disagree with one point about your performance on CSI, last night: I do not agree with Nolan. Not exactly.
I do not think that Walter was all that scary. Certainly Creepy. But, scary? Not quite.
I’ve been trying to think of a way to describe it. Maybe tense. Better yet - intense. I wasn’t exactly scared of Walter, but I couldn’t help thinking that he was an over-tightened spring, ready lash out unpredictably at anything. Filthy, disturbed, argumentative, and potentially scary. Potentially dangerous. With virtually nothing but a few minutes of screen time, you gave us a character to remember.
I was amazed at your transformation. Little Wesley Crusher mutated into a mentally unbalanced homeless man. Just like the real ones we see all too often; wandering the streets with their collection of personal possessions stuffed into an old Neiman Marcus shopping bag. sad
Had I not read your blog... had I not seen your name in the credits... I would have waded through the show utterly oblivious to the fact that that was Wil Wheaton hiding under the scraggly hair and behind the demented sneer.

"My! Name! Is! Walter!" Creeeepy.

Until last night, I was a CSI virgin. The characters were new to me. The directorial style was new to me. The visual momentary flashes of possibilities were ingenious. I guess I’ll have to watch again.
But it wasn’t just you, Wil. The other actors shined, too. That fratricidal 14 year old is liable to give me nightmares. He made me wonder what it would be like if my 11 year old took a pipe to my 6 year old.


Now that’s scary.

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