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Monday, March 28, 2005

Daddy, can we go home, now???? 

Boy, I must be crazy. I plan on taking the kids with me on March of Dimes' WalkAmerica, in April. I'm quite sure we son't make it to six full miles. I'll be happy with two miles without whining.
Because of Terrible T's very premature birth, I think that this is a great cause. I have no idea whether or not the March of Dimes was instrumental in saving T, but the same type of dedicated doctors and nurses definitely played important roles.
Click here... right this very minute, to sponsor me. It doesn't have to be a lot. Every little bit helps.
Also: The person who sponsors me at the highest level (ties to be broken in a random manner) will win a prize! of my own devising (meaning it'll be cheap).
Of course, if I don't know you, I may not be able to get the prize to you. If such a thing should occur... well... tough titties.

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