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Monday, March 21, 2005

And Time Continues its Inevitable March 

What a weekend!
Thursday at about 8:30 PM: I bring Frances, big tank and all, to Irene's house so she can watch her and feed her over the weekend. I check her computer to see about Marc's flight. It's going to be late. 11:30 PM: Marc arrives at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport from his Washington D.C. field trip. I'm in bed by 2:00 AMish.
Friday we wake up early to get ready to go to Gainesville. Damn. It always takes so much longer to get ready than it should. We're on the road at Noon. About six hours later....
My sister Beth has a roast waiting for us. Alex won't eat roast. She's eats Challah and butter. Beth and I then go on a wild-Rich hunt. My brother-in-law Rich took a bus up to Gainesville and we were supposed to meet him in a certain parking lot. I hadn't brought my cell phone. I didn't know Beth's was broken. No phone. We're running a bit late since we passed our turn and had to look around for that particular parking lot. Meanwhile, Rich decides it's too cold to stand in the parking lot waiting for us. He heads over to the nearest open building. We drive all over the place and finally stop to go to a pay phone and call Terrrible T, who is at Beth's with the kids. We finally have him cornered, beat him about the head generously, and toss him into the trunk, so he can't get away. Rich has to call my niece Laura to tell her she doesn't need to pick him up. Rich had already started the ball rolling on his Plan B. Another late night.
Saturday, we drop Rich off at his property so he can work on building his garage. The rest of us head to a plant show. Nice. Except now Marc is feeling ill.
Rich is visited by a University of Florida professor and two busloads of students who want to see the pair of burrowing owls that just happen to live on Rich's property. Cool. One of only three known pairs in that part of the state. Richard continues to build without cutting off any vital body parts.
Marc and I stay home while the girls (including Laura) go and do some girlie stuff. We watch Daredevil, which could have been a pretty good movie without its star. Actually, I thought that it wasn't quite as bad as everyone else thought. Beth bought it for $1 as part of her registration in a DVD club. Daredevil = $1.00. Works for me. We could have watched Master and Commander, but I didn't want Marc to have to see a kid his own age getting an arm cut off.
We pick up Rich and go to dinner (excluding Laura, who had too much homework) at a really nice Japanese Tepanyaki Steak House. Even Marc enjoyed it. Thank you, Tylenol.
Sunday we go out for breakfast. Biscuits the size of saucers. Alex eats a biscuit with butter. No. She doesn't. Not really.
We head on over to the Museum of Natural History. Bio-bugs, Bones, and Butterflies. Wow. That place has really expanded since the last time we visited.
Then came the long ride home (Rich included, hitching the return trip). It's about 9:00 when we finally empty most of the car...
... so I can drive over to Irene's and rescue her from Frances, our killer tortoise. Not one poop out of that girl. I have to wonder what gifts she left for Terrible T, today, now that she's home.

Today: Up at 5:50 and at work before 7:00. >sniff<
Alex was complaining, last night, that she'd caught whatever it is that Marc brought home for us, from Washington. And now I've got the sniffles.

And yes. I still have time to think about Dad. Lots.


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