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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Weird Life 

Life's been weird, of late. I feel as if I have so little time for anything fun. Or maybe I mean that I'd like some fun time just for myself.
Weekday night time is for helping the kids with homework, making dinner, getting them ready for bed, and then collapsing. I've no stamina whatsoever.

My sister's boyfriend passed away and we celebrated his life with a wonderful picnic, this past Sunday. Thanks for all who came out to join Scott's friends and family.
I've been trying to spend weekends with the family, but even then... Marc gets tutored on Saturday mornings, then we take my father out of the home to get him some fresh shopping mall air, and then Terrible T usually has something for us to waste the rest of Saturday on.
More projects on Sunday, not to mention going to church.

I Wish The Big A would send me on a business trip. It'd be like a vacation!
In The News:
I sent my finds to Found Magazine, a while back. They've returned them, as I'd asked them to. No note or anything about whether or not any of it will be published in their next issue, due out in March, I think. Keep your fingers crossed. I'd really love it if something makes their grade.

Anyways... I'll try to be better about updating my blog. Maybe I'll get more of the blug (Blog-bug) when I have my own real website. My friend at work, Mike, is getting me a copy (legal... I promise... really) of Dreamweaver which I'll use to build Mister Lizard dot Net. It's parked, for now, which allows me to keep ownership of the domain.

As Jerry Seinfeld said, "I am the master of my domain!"
Okay. Not really. And if you really don't know what that referred to, Google it.

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