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Thursday, February 24, 2005

I'll Never be the Techy Nerd I Want to Be 

A bit ago, I just tried two things that are supposed to be simple easy web-type things to do.

#1. I posted a message to this blog. Somehow, though, it double posted the same post. But with a twist! A portionof one of the messages had content that I had never written. I wonder if Blogger can cross wires when two people try to publish their blogs at the same time? I simply deleted the unwanted message. But it kills me that I can't figure out what the hell happened.

#2. I tried to "ping" Wil Wheaton's Blog so I would have a track-back metioned on his blog. Essentially, his blog would end up linking to mine. For some reason, that never seems to work. Instead, it links to a separate trackback page that says:
Trackback URL for this entry:

But that URL only tracks back to itself!

I am a bit frustrated, at this moment. Is there anyone out there who understands this shit?!

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