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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sometimes I wish Bill Gates the Recrudescence of Obstipation 

MS Windows XP and my wonderful Dell computer have been giving me a case of proctalgia.
It was taking, like, 3 or 4 minutes to open up a file on the hard drive.
I've got a 38 Gig drive but can never tell how it's being used, because the excerebrose applications loaded on my shardborn computer like to save data in hidden folders!
Okay.. admittedly, I do not scan and defragment my C: Drive nearly as often as I should. But it would be nice if it would let me do the de-frag, when friends suggest it.
I found out that, unbelievably, I had only 2 extra Gigs to play with. Not enough left to de-frag. This must be why I can't burn DVDs of the few crappy movies I've made. Not enough space.
I tried to uninstall some worthless programs... like everything relating to AOL. Still no luck.
I tried getting rid of old and unused personal files. Barely made a dent.
Finally I thought hard about the way the movie editing software worked. First I streamed in the video, as separate clips. Then I could edit it and render the final file. I never knew where it put the original clips.
I opened up the software and looked in its library to find the file name of one of the original clips. Then I did a drive search for that file. BINGO! There it was... in a hidden folder.
Once I deleted all of the original clips, I'd relieved the drive of 15 (count 'em) fifteen Gigs!
After the de-frag, it started running like a normal computer, again.

Now.. as for the unusual adjectives and nouns that appear in the title and first few sentances: I do have an explanation. I've been reading a book "Terrible T" gave me for the holidays. It's titled: Depraved and Insulting English. If you can't find definitions for these words, go out and buy a copy. It's a blast!

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