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Friday, December 24, 2004

What I Want for Christmas, er... Hannukkah, umm...  

I may be Jewish, but I attend mass with my Catholic family, frequently. Our local church was one that supported the waste-of-time boycott of Macy*s-Burdines. (or is that Burdines-Macy*s?)

It seems that big retailers sometimes don't want to place Nativity Scenes in their "holiday" displays. I really don't think it's up to any members of the public to make business decisions for the retailers. And what to display is quite definitely a business decision... unless we're talking about what not to display when the display is hatefully offensive to any ethnic, or religious, or "other" group.

I do have to admit, however, that the church bulletin explains things a bit differently than the way many of us are taking it. Though they'd love it if all retailers displayed nativity scenes, they mostly object to businesses that display menorahs (or other non-Christian holiday symbols) but refuse to display the nativities.

To them, it's a form of reverse discrimination.

On that point, I guess I have to agree with them (unless it's... ohh... let's say... a Judaica shop, or a store specializing in Islamic gifts).
However, it's still up to each business to decide how they want to run their business.

I really think this world will remain hopelessly screwed up until we all learn to start ignoring shit like this.
Why is it so bad to not assume what religion a person is and to wish them a "Happy Holiday" instead of making the wrong assumption and, quite possibly, offending them?

Do we have to wish every one a Happy Hannukah and a Happy Kwanzaa and a Merry Christmas and a ____________ ? (supply your own adjective + holiday name)
Lord*, I hope not.

I really think that many Christians simply don't understand how it uncomfortable it feels to be wished a Merry Christmas when you do not believe that Christ was/is your saviour. It feels weird when I look at the cards we recieve that have the Virgin (yeah right) Mother and child on them; complete with halos.

So that's what I think is wrong with our world. And now... when anyone asks me what I want for Christmas I know what I'm gonna tell them:
I wish for the death of assumptions.


Mister Lizard

* I use this term loosely.

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