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Thursday, December 23, 2004

All the News That Fits 

It's almost Chistmas... Which means that Terrible T and the Kids are driving me bonkers... in a good way. As usual, I spent way too much, but that's hard to avoid.

I've added a new link (at right) to Paul Poundstone's web page. I made the graphic and everything. I've made friends with Paula's manager and I'm trying to help them out by spreading the word about her website. Try the link if you're a fan. Or even if not.
Also: if you're a cat-lover, visit the site and send a message to her cat, Hep.

Her manager's been so nice; she's comping me the cover charges for Terrible T and I when Paula comes down to Hollywood to do three nights at The Hard Rock Casino's Improv (opening very soon!). I'll have to over-pay for the 2 drinks each, but that's okay with me! I may even get to go back stage and meet Paula. Pretty cool.

Anybody out there want to try and design a bumper-sticker for paulapoundstone.com? I got connections!

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