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Friday, December 31, 2004

2004: The Good, The Bad, and The Really Really Ugly 

The So-So:
Getting up at 4:00 AM so I can sit in a classroom with one co-worker while he takes his yearly safety classes, online. Which is exactly what I am doing, as I key in today's message.

The Bad:
Watching this unnecessary war drag on like a bad toothache.
Watching Kerry lose the election.
Listening to my sister rant and rave about the Republican conspiracy to win the election.
Coming around to my sister's scary point of view. (Well... sort of.)
Being inundated with Celebrity Crime (they often play the Fox News channel in the breakroom at work).
Accepting the fact that Scott Peterson is now a Celebrity if only because he murdered his wife and future child. (Hey! I wanna be famous, too!)
Being asked to accept the notion that our president is not a murderer, as the American and Iraqi death tolls keep rising.

The Good:
Watching my children begin to understand the world a little better. (Though that's also scary.)
Watching the world pull together to help those in need... at least to some extent.
Experiencing "
Madama Butterfly. "
Laughing my ass off watching, "The Water Coolers," at the Miracle Theater, on Miracle Mile.

Staying at the
Hotel St. Michel, more than once, this year.
Surviving my first year at The Big A.

The Really Really Ugly:
Nature's Nasty Temper: Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and the World's Most Depressing Disaster.

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