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Saturday, November 20, 2004


I recently found a link to one word, on a friend's web site. One word is a sort of stream-of-consciousness excercise.
Click a button.
Read one word.
That's all there is to it. One thing, though: You only have sixty seconds to finish writing. So you're not really supposed to think about it much. You just write. When you complete your sixty second essay/story/poem, you get to see what everyone else has written. Let me tell you... there's some pretty whacked out folks participating in this project. Each day brings a new word.
The same folks bring you poetc and onecaption.
At poetc, all visitors team up to make a poem. Here's the trick, though: you only get to see the four most recent lines. This makes for some very strange poetry, mutating into something different - every five lines or so. Sometimes the results are simply silly. Other times, the poems may actually seem to make some sense. As on one word, you only get sixty seconds to write, and the poem changes daily.
Onecaption delivers a strange photograph for you to add a caption to. Same sixty seconds to come up with something witty.
Personally, I think that these are great exercises for one's creativity. These web pages seem similar to some of the games that surrealists would play. Some day, I'd like to get together with a bunch of like-minded (and I use that term loosely) people and try some of these surrealist games.

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