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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

My right 

Terrible T and I were all prepared when we went to our voting place, after dropping the kids off at school. We'd brought along a little magnetic travel Scrabble set we haven't used for ages. (I remember using it while waiting in line to see "Return of the Jedi" on it's release day. A bunch of us took the day off and waited in line to see the first showing. We changed the rules of Scrabble to "legalize" the names of Star Wars characters and nouns from the Star Wars universe.)
When we arrived at our polling place we were surprised to see that this morning's long lines had died down. No Scrabble, this time. I'd hoped we have time to play and allow proper names of candidates.

We walked right in and only waited behind two voters, before signing-in. We only had to wait behind four other voters, to get into our polling "booths". Within ten minutes, we were back in our car and on our way to our favorite neighborhood breakfast joint. While sitting at our table, Tanya noticed an acquaintance waiting to pay for his meal and asked him if he had voted, yet. He said that he did not plan to vote, "because I can't decide if I should vote for the baby killer or the soldier killer." Apparently, this guy is totally color blind. He also appears to have no opinions about any other issues we are voting on, in Florida.
Now, I don't pretend to know about every candidate for all contested seats, nor do I have any idea whether or not we should retain our judges. But I informed myself well enough to vote intelligently on all eight amendment issues and for several seats. Oh... and I voted for Kerry, as planned. Don't wanna forget that!
I guess I shouldn't wonder how someone like Bush can get so many votes, but I guess we do have to allow everyone to vote. Okay, maybe not my next door neighbors (with the Bush/Cheney sign in their lawn) but everyone else.

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