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Thursday, November 11, 2004

In Other News.... 

MRE Madness
Marc, his friend, and I ate our first Meals Ready to Eat. YUMMMM!
More on that when I have time to write the article.

We (including Terrible T) all saw The Incredibles.
(click here for the entry on the Internet Movie database).
As good as the hype was, I tried not to expect too much. But this time, the hype was right. If you get the opportunity, run to the theater and see it. I sold my stock of this movie on HSX, a little while back. I sold it when there was more than a 40% increase over the price I'd paid. I made over $100,000 on 1500 shares. (Too bad it's only pretend money.)

I woke up early, this morning, to find a documentary playing on PBS. The movie is called Okie Noodling - about your average white down-home Oklahoma boys who like to wade in muddy waters and catch catfish... by hand. At first, it almost seemed like some kind of parody. But the more I watched it, the more I respected the guts it takes to try to tackle a slimy 60 pound bottom feeder that has no qualms about trying to bite your hand off. Too bad I had to leave for work (at 5:30 AM) before the film had finished.

Ready to Boycott!
I'm pissed off a Ticket Master because I found their site confusing. They took away the option of having your tickets waiting for you at the The Miracle Theater's box office (Will Call)... unless you live outside the country. The system won't let you bypass this. So I paid $14.00 to have them sent UPS, rather than taking chances on the USPS. When the system sent me the confirmation, I noticed a link telling me I could have printed the tickets up, myself, on my home computer. So... if that's a choice, why wasn't it given to me when it laid out the choices for ticket delivery?? I sent them a nasty note asking them to change the delivery method and return my friggin fourteen friggin' dollars. I'm not gonna hold my breath, though. However, it does look like I got some great seats for Shear Madness.

Sure, Opportunity Knocks... But Her Timing Sure Sucks
Of course, I think that Terrible T would much rather see the Opera. So what happened when I came into work, this morning? I see a message from our Communications Dept. offering (get this) free tickets to Madama Butterfly! For this Tuesday. Not a lot of notice, is it? I'm working third Shift and T works until 9:00 PM. I have no idea whether or not we can find a way to swing this one. What a great opportunity, though.


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