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Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Cost of True Faith 

If you've been keeping up with the news, you've probably already heard of the lady, near Fort Lauderdale, who is selling a ten year old slice of a grilled cheese sandwhich. Let us call this the "Miracle Meal."
Not because it lasted ten years in a plastic container that is far from hermetically sealed without getting all moldy (though that is certainly unusual).
Not because it has, toasted upon it, the image of The Virgin Mary. (It certainly does seem to have some freakish face looking back at you).

No... The Miracle is that some idiot has bid $15,100.00 to purchase it on ebay! (As of the time of this writing.)

Of course, I must report this as a self proclaimed skeptic. People see faces in objects all the time. It's called:
Terrible T started ripping the wallpaper off of our bathroom walls, a while back. Of course, some of the paper stuck fast to the wall. The area around it that was unpapered looked creepily like a
Nosferatu-type vampire.
I didn't take a picture and T has continued peeling off paper. So Nosferatu is now gone.

As for the cheesy ebay item? Well.. I guess that one person's garbage is another person's religious artifact.
It wasn't as easy to find the item as I thought it would be when I looked it up. That's because there are now hundreds of items containing the words "grilled cheese" in their titles. Most of them are items for sale making fun of the real thing or celebrating it or trying to make a buck off of this new fad. Currently for sale: Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese T-Shirts, Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Mugs, Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Ornaments, Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Trading Cards, Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Charms, and even a customized grilled cheese sandwich. (The winning bidder gets to choose whose image will be toasted into the sandwich.)

Yes, I now know the true cost of faith. It's $15,100.00 and rising.

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