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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Too Many Projects... Too Little Time 

1. Work Related:
Our work projects keep changing minute by minute, which makes life difficult when I'm working on second shift.
"I've already gotten babysitters, dammit! Don't change the class dates on me now!"
It gets really frustrating. But sometimes, when the projects will likely result in quality improvement, I do get a bit excited... maybe too excited. Hell. It's only a job, right?

2. Personal-Work-Related:
I'm also working on some projects that can be considered "Personal-Work-Related projects". (Dont'cha just love all them dashes?)
These projects have to do with The Holidays. I plan to make my own holiday cards and some biscotti, for the folks The Big A. I'm only in the planning stages, though. I'm narrowing down my flavor decisions and how much of the cards should be my own handiwork. Should I make a Christmas tree shape out of a sponge or just buy a damned rubber stamp at the over-priced hobby shop? Oh... and one co-worker has diabetes, so I'll have to make him some crackers instead of the biscotti.

3. My Own Mirror Project Project:
Every time I walk by anything that's the least bit reflective, I find myself wondering if I could use it to make a good picture for The Mirror Project. I've gotten five self portraits submitted and accepted, already.
But I do have a grand idea that I'd like to try. It would take some good planning and a lot of coordination of a group of folks, each with a digital camera. I'm looking for volunteers, so let me know if you might be interested. We all need to be in the same location, for this one. So maybe I'll get the family to do it together, when most of them are here for Thanksgiving.

4. Meals Ready to Eat:
I'm also planning to write an "article" about the military's Meals Ready to Eat, AKA: MREs. I'll explain how this project came about, when I write the article. So...

...Stay Tuned!
(PS: I have to call it an article or I'll look like a liar. Don't worry. You'll understand.)

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