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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Keeping it Safe 

My Wife, Terrible T, once purchased one of those little safes that are disguised as a can of something. The can is given some false weight and you screw off the bottom portion to reveal a hiding place for a small amount of money or some jewelry.
The problem was this: She'd bought a can that looked exactly like a can of Morton's low sodium salt substitute, or some such kitchen or dining room accessory. But she kept it in our bedroom. Now I don't know about you, but if I were a thief, I'd wonder what this couple was doing with salt substitute in their bedroom. No-stick spray might've passed. But not lo-salt salt.
Terrible T never uses the Morton's can, though. So it makes little difference. She once suggested we carve out the middle of a book, like in the olden days. Now that would probably work. No way would a thief waste his (or her) time going through all of the bajillion books we own.
Or... maybe I could buy one of these. Think about it. Would you take the chance?

I wonder if they make spray cans of shit smell. That would really complete the illusion.

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