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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Wannado Cool 

I'm sitting in a lounge in a new theme park called, "Wanndo City." this minature city is for the kids to play in, pretending to be whatever they want to be. So Marc and Alex and their friend Tommy are off being archeologists, miners and so forth. While I'm on a &^#$@in' macintosh trying to see what i can and can not do. It appears I can post to my blog, but I may not be able to format the text.
Now I will see if I can post a picture. I sent a picture of my dad from my cell phone to a websight that allows mac users to upload .jps. A bit of a hassle, since I first needed to save it to the computer, here, and then rename it and then upload it to flikr.
Let's see if it works:

If this works, I may post pictures of some stuff here in wannado City.

Addendum 7:44 PM, from home: Obviously, it didn't work. And I'm too lazy to try and figure out why.

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