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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Self Portrait 

Yesterday I went to a dollar store to find a cheap mirror for a team project at The Big A (a pseudonym for my place of employment). We're going to inset a mirror into the small flat box-car-shaped foam piece we were given. Trust me. It should look cool, in the context of our "team-building" Diversity assignment.
I peeled off the poorly glued together plastic framework and ended up with the perfect flat mirror for our project.
Here's where I became a temporary idiot.

I wanted to show the rest of my team, most of whom are at another facility, what our little display would look like. In Power Point, I reproduced a scale drawing of the box-car.
Then I searched for an online picture of a reflective surface so I could save it as a background and import that into Power Point to fill in the rectangle I'd also drawn to scale. I could find nothing I liked.

So I took out my new handy dandy cell phone, held the mirror in my left hand, held the phone in my right, and snapped a picture. Since we're really not supposed to use these cameras at work, I tried to do this surreptitiously, holding the mirror under my desk.
As you can see, I forgot how truly reflective a mirror is. Unfortunately, I am not a vampire.
I ended up using the "two-colors" fill feature to shade the rectangle from a pale grey to an even paler grey.
I have not shown this picture to my team. I don't really want to have to explain it.

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