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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Frances Skirts By 

I'd really love to find the perfect place to live. Obviously, Florida, the hurricane capitol, is not the very best place. But then, California has earthquakes, Hawaii has volcanoes (and no bridges off the island) Kansas has twisters, and northern climes have blizzards.
Hurricane Frances was pretty good to us, in Plantation. We barely had any rain and most of my family lost power for no more than a day. My Mom was an exception, losing it for over five days. I'm keeping the shutters up, though, since Ivan may be on the way.
Speaking of the shutters, I'm so pissed about how hard it was to get them on. The idiot who painted our house painted right over the bolts. I used turpentine and a wire brush to loosen the paint and force the nuts on. Some of the bolts came loose, and the nuts wouldn't go on all the way (picture the bolts just spinning in place). I should not have to bust my hump that many hours getting the damned things installed! (And that was with help. Thanks to my sisters Irene and Sue and my kids, who were more help than hinderance (most of the time)).
Hurricanes are pretty stressful, too. Until we're sure what Ivan's going to do, I'm not resting easy.
Check back, later, and I'll post a picture of one of the many shallow rooted trees that fell over when Frances blew through. Florida is cursed with a huge number of non-native plants that either ruin the environment, drink far too much available water, of fall onto homes, cars, and power lines in the mildest of storms.
Sorry. I guess I'm a bit cranky.
I'm really relieved that Frances wasn't worse for us.
Keep your fingers crossed!

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