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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

You mean, there are other people who Blog?? 

It's fun to find other bloggers.
I just noticed a "next" button on my blog site and decided to hit it. Sure enough it sent me to
Johnny Dakota's web log. Specifically, a blog of his pictures from a visit to Barcelona Spain.
On his regular site, he also posted a message explaining his strategic purchase of a domain called
VRSoftware.com. Sometimes I wish I'd had the smarts to invest in a domain like that.
I'm interested in VR, of course, because it presents images in 3D. There are still a lot of issues to be overcome, in the technology, but I do think it will be more prominent. Someday.
Hey Johnny - If you decided to visit MLAAL - check out the linkzard on the right, for the NSA. If you're interested in learning more about 3D (old and new technologies) this is a great place to start...
If anyone wants to know more about present 3D photo software, and such, I can probably hook you up.

It's also "National Save Your Smile Week"
Are we supposed to save up our smile by scowling for a week?
No... it's just some deal to get us all to visit our respective dentists.
A conspiracy.

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