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Saturday, August 14, 2004

What was I saying? 

Damn. I knew I had something to say. I remember thinking about how to write it while I was driving to work, this evening.
Perhaps that's the problem. This 10:00 PM-6:30 AM schedule is sorta gettin' to me.
Not that I mind the work. The new students I'm teaching are very nice and seem to be very good workers. They're also very nice. And shit. Now I'm repeating myself. I'm repeating myself!
I guess I'm just tired. And my throat is hoarse.

Oh... now I remember!

One of the students opened a piece of mail, last night, and pulled out the payment coupon and check. I noticed that the card holder had written across the top edge of the check, "Vote Bush/Cheney!!" and then highlighted it, just in case we might miss it.
Now, what kind of an idiot writes political ads on their payment checks? Does this fool think that some poor schlep getting $6.50 per hour is gonna stop handling the mail to read it (though it was kinda hard to miss).
This is a semi-automatic operation - so even if the machine operator had the time or interest in reading it, does anyone think that the fact that this one guy wrote that one message across a check that they'd be convincing anyone to vote for Bush?
I expect to see product placements in blockbuster movies.
I do not want to see political ads sent in with credit card payments.

Maybe I should have saved the envelope to get the guy's address... then I could have...

Today is International Nagging Day
Terrible T will be pleased!

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