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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

News I Like 

July 31, the Miami Herald ran a short article about some new 65th Anniversary View Master Gift Sets that are being released.
I love seeing any news relating to anything stereoscopic (3D)! If you see any good stories, please email me the links. I like to keep up with the world of 3D.
You can read this article, but the Herald may ask you to register with the site (for free) before letting you see it.
Strangely, View Master didn't put any information about the anniversary sets on their own web site. Hmmmm.
Luckily, they at least mention it on the Mattel website as part of their Mattel in the News section.
Check it out. Their article mentions the NSA (click NSA logo in my sidebar)! It also mentions Mary Ann Sell, from whom I've bought many a reel.

Okay. Enough of that.
What's your obsession?

Today is National Night Out.
What, on a Tuesday???

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