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Thursday, July 15, 2004


See... I have this split personality. I think that most of us who have to work with the Internet and our respective companies' Intranets feel the same way I do.
In my case, it's great that we can have an entire training course on-line. The training is more consistent and I can sit here updating my blog while the students are running through the course at their own paces.
Unfortunately, as the instructor, I'm at the mercy of the Intranet and how well the course has been updated within the system.
I'm currently teaching a course that was recently updated from a paper and lecture based course into CBT (Computer Based Training). This version even includes some really cool interactive simulations. Of course, like most early versions of a software application, things tend to be a bit buggy.
This version, as I said, is very recent. Final corrections were made Friday for the class that started on Monday. And I'm the first lucky instructor who gets to facilitate it!
The course designer is sitting here in the classroom making corrections (when possible) in real time! She's fixed minor navigation bugs and reworded test questions. Yesterday, her corrections could not be made directly to the files on the training system's server. The corrected files needed to be uploaded.
Keep in mind, we do not work in our company's main facility in Plantation, where the servers reside. We work in Weston, a number of miles away. Unfortunately, the corrected files could only be uploaded at the Plantation site.
That's one of the challenges of being an instructor. You have to be quick on your feet (or in my case: Quick on your butt).
Not only were we now going to be behind schedule for the CBT, I suddenly needed to find something for my students to do. I decided we would return to the production floor so the students could quietly observe the new processes that they were learning.
That's when Murphy struck.
On the production floor, there were a large number of call-ins. A rather large percentage of the scheduled operators had called in sick. My students were forced to go back to their old jobs, just to make sure we attended to our customers' needs in a timely manner.
This evening, we started our CBT a day behind plan and the students still have not had any On the Job Training!
Yeah... Technology sucks.
Call-ins suck.
Murphy sucks, too!

Today is "Be a Dork Day"

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