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Saturday, July 10, 2004


Yesterday, Terrible T was mentioning the fact that Alex seems to have picked up some unusual gestures... from her grandmother. Tillie passed away years ago, so she would have had to learn the gestures at a genetic level.
She also seems to have learned a few other things. By osmosis, perhaps?
Let me explain: I am not at all a fan of any particular sports or sports teams and the subject doesn't generally come up unless I'm with my sister Sue and/or her kids. And God help me if I root for the wrong team! But Alex doesn't seem to pay any attention to these family conversations, when they're happening. And we're only together a couple of times a year (if that).
So how come... when Alex went to dress herself and her teddy, this afternoon, she knew exactly what to wear?


July 5-11 is Nude Recreation Week!

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