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Saturday, July 31, 2004

I Need a Fix! 

I've not bought anything in 3D for quite some time.
I need a fix. I also need some time to go antiquing, if I'm ever going to give in to the fix.
Not that I have anywhere to store the stuff. I cleaned out my display case at home so I could bring much of my collection to the Plantation historical Museum. It should remain on display for another month, or so. I have no idea who has seen it (other than my mom). Even my lovely wife, Terrible T, has not had the opportunity to visit the museum, which is located a few hundred yards from where she works. She's too busy trying to keep our home from turning into something out of a horror film.
It would be nice to have more time and money to spend on this hobby. But the kids and work and Terrible T leave me with little time or money! (Not that I'm complaining).
I do need to save my money for when the National Stereoscopic Association convention comes to Miami. I'll have absolutely no excuse, if I miss that one!
Oh well. Sorry for the bitch session. I'm in one of those moods.

Today is All-American Soap Box Derby Day

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