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Friday, July 09, 2004

I Hate Legal Holidays 

Since I work in a department where we are at the mercy of the good old United States Postal Service, the workload can be very hard to forecast.
I think that Monday, July 5th, was a legal holiday. I went to work, but my US Postal Delivery Person did not. At work, we still received mail (nothing seems to stop it completely) however, it was extremely light. We knew... we just knew we'd get hit hard one of these nights. And tonight was the night. We've just started sorting over 200,000 pieces of mail and I suspect that more is on the way. There are entire days where we don't receive that much!

Of course, Saturday's fireworks were fun. We went to the top floor of the parking lot at the Fashion Mall at Plantation. The >booms< were toned down (which suited Alexandra fine) and the view was wonderful. We also didn't have to wait a half an hour to get out. Next year I'm bringing drinks... maybe a grill. Who knows!
Are you excited while eating your hot dogs and beans? Bet you didn't know that July was "Anti-Boredom Month," "National Hot Dog Month," and "National Baked Beans Month."
Check out this pretty bizarre site with listings of daily, weekly, and monthly observations, including some pretty wierd ones. Are you celebrating "Nude Recreation Week?" (July 5-11). I'd love to, but I'm still peeling from the nasty sunburn I got after laying on a float in the pool for two hours, about a three weeks ago.

Today is Martyrdom of the Bab day.

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