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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Gee.... that old? 

Okay. It’s my Birthday.  No big deal.
I’m 45, now, okay?
Of course, I did get a really nice weekend out of the deal.  Not too bad, considering we only had a couple of days to plan it.
Friday Evening: I put together some Tapas for terrible T and I to eat when she got home from work on Saturday.  Tapas are a Spanish tradition: small plates of appetizers to share.  I knew that we would not have time to eat dinner on the way to the show, Saturday.  This way, everything would be ready for us to sit and munch on before dressing and dashing off to Coral Gables.
Saturday Evening:

5:00 PM: Terrible T finished up some ironing before we sat down to eat the Tapas.  I served some edemame (lightly salted soy beans) asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto, marinated mushrooms, and eggs with a spicy dressing.  As she often does, Terrible T asked if I wrote down the recipes and I had to answer that I’d just thrown some shit together.  She loved the eggs with a spicy sauce and the marinated mushrooms and she wants me to be able to re-create them exactly. (I finally wrote down the recipes from memory, on Sunday.  That’s why I can include them, here.  Be forewarned.  I’m guessing on a lot of the quantities.)
6:45 PM: I rushed Terrible T into the mini-van and sped our way south toward The Miracle Mile, in Coral Gables.  I didn’t even get to I-95 when Terrible T realized that I’d rushed her out of the house without her jacket.  U-Turn.  Return to home. Run in to get jacket.
7:30 PM: I pulled up to the
Hotel Place St. Michel so T could run in and tell them we’d be registering late.  Not a problem, since July is the slow season and we had a reservation.
7:50 PM: We arrived at the old Miracle Theater, home to
The Actor’s Playhouse.  This building is way cool, with its restored art deco architecture. 
8:00 PM: We saw a musical called The Water Coolers.  It’s a light-hearted look at corporate life, complete with jail cell-sized cubicles and the titular water cooler.  The music was hilarious.  Some songs were original, but most were parodies.  The Hallelujah Chorus became the “Paranoia Chorus”.  The tune from just another Manic Monday is borrowed for, “Panic Monday.”  For me, the highlights of the play were a desperate phone call to the automated IT Help Desk and “Who will Buy,” (music, courtesy of the Broadway musical Oliver) where the players appeal to the audience, “Who will buy this blue wrapping paper… only $12.00 for two rolls…. Who will buy these Thin Mints…” and so on.  For those of us with kids… this one really hit home.   
10:00 PM: We returned to the Hotel Place St. Michel to enjoy their restaurant’s world-class cuisine (at a big discount, since we were staying over night in the hotel during the slow season).
We started with a thick and flavorful vegetable soup, followed by their crispy duck with some kind of berry sauce (Lingonberries maybe?). The bottle of red had a wonderfully earthy taste to it, reminding me of one of my favorite episodes of Northern Exposure called, "
The Big Feast". 
I finished my meal with a tiramisu, while Terrible T had the chocolate mousse. 
Midnight: None of your damned business.
All in all, I must admit that it was one of the nicest  birthday’s I’ve ever celebrated.
Today is Special Olympics Day

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