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Saturday, July 10, 2004


This is a poem about "Terrible T"
Except she's really not so terrible. You see,
though that name may seem like a bit of bad luck,
it's just a silly old nickname that stuck.

Today is Clerihew Day. Cleri-huh?
Yesterday I found that funky site that has a listing of monthly, weekly, and daily observations. I'd planned on a new twist for my blog - adding a notation about each day's observation (if any) at the end of that day's posting. "Today is Clerihew Day" was supposed to be the notation for today. But I had no idea what a Clerihew was.
So I mosied on over to Google. The answer turned out to be more fun and interesting than I'd expected. You can "Go-Go-Google" it for your own self satisfaction.
Or not.

Today is also, "Don't Step on a Bee Day"

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