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Saturday, March 20, 2004

War is Good 

It was reported that our president recently said that the war was good for Iraq, good for our country, and good for our world. Maybe not in that order. Not that it'd matter.

I also understand that steak is good. At least the Atkins diet says so. *

I suppose that murder and lying are just about wonderful !

I have to wonder how high the death toll needs to go before more people in Iraq are dead as a result of the war than as a result of the hideopus things Saddam perpetrated while in power. I'm certainly glad that he's out of power. But I'm certainly not happy with the way it came about.

I hate election years. But this time around, Dubya's making it wayyyy too easy.

* I guess Woody Allen's predictions in, "Sleeper," were more accurate than we would ever have guessed. Alvin Toffler: Eat your heart out!

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