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Saturday, March 20, 2004

The Resurrection of Tee Dee 

My son is a lover of animals. For the most part, so am I.
So I was a bit surprised by the story he told me about his Thursday's recess at Chesterbrook Academy. It seems he found a turtle. To Marc, a turtle would be the perfect friend. The perfect pet. So he played with it, a bit, and then let some of the younger kids play with it. And you know how careless young kids can be. Apparently they jiggled it about quite aggressively. By the time it was passed back to Marc, it was still. Perfectly still. And it stayed that way for a while. So Marc came to the logical conclusion that his recently vibrant (if a turtle can be vibrant) friend had passed away. Kicked the bucket. Croaked. (and you probably know the rest of that skit.)
So Marc burried his new friend near the garden he'd planted in the Chesterbrook play yard (We'll save that story for another day).
About 13 hours went by and Marc was tending to his garden when some of the other kids thought it would be fun to dig up the turtle. Perhaps they were expecting a zombie turtle. Perhaps they just wanted to make Marc feel even worse.
Surprise! The turtle woke out of some self-induced stupor and began moving about. Marc rescued the turtle from the diggers and promptly brought it to a classmate known for her turtle-raising skills. With the help of a teacher, they determined that the "it" was a she and named her Tee Dee. I'm pleased to report that, although Marc still feels a bit guilty about the whole ordeal, Tee Dee left Chesterbrook alive and well and , yes, even vibrant again.

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