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Tuesday, March 30, 2004


My son, Marc, is going to CCD Classes, learning how to be a Catholic. His classes are held in one of the school rooms at St. Gregory The Great, here in Plantation.
I took him to class, last Thursday, and noticed a slew of art projects lined up in the hall. I couldn't help grabbing my camera and taking the picture, below.
What with all of the hoopla surrounding Mel Gibson's new film, I thought it was particularly funny to imagine this as a movie Poster.

SEE The spectacle of bloody torture!
...SEE the gospel through the eyes of a child!
......SEE Guiseppe Romano's, "THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST"
Starring G.I. Joe as Jesus.

Disclaimer: I am not making fun of the thoughtful kid who worked hard on his/her project. I am making fun of G.I. Joe. He hasn't had a good role since "Black Hawk Down".

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