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Tuesday, March 23, 2004


What should I say if I can think of nothing to say?
Nothing. Nothing new, at least.
So I’ll dig up some old stories that the reader might find humorous.
My best source will be a particular Word file filled with remembered conversations between my son and I or my son and his mom.
Do you remember that old show, “House Party”? It was hosted by Art Linkletter who would, at one point in the show, interview children. Somehow, he always managed to get them to say something hilarious. This part of the program was known as, “Kids say the Darndest Things.” It was revived, a few years ago, hosted by Bill Cosby.
My Word file is our very own version of KSTDT. Howeverer, I like to call them: “Marcisms.” Here’s a sample:

Recently, Marc decided to show off all of the knowledge he’d gained from watching too many hours of the Animal Planet network. He went on and on about the dominance of ostriches. From his commentary, it seemed that he knew what he was talking about. But I couldn’t be sure. So I asked him if he could define the word. He attempted it and seemed to be on the right track. Still, I wasn’t sure.

Dad: “Marc. Are you sure you really know what dominant means?”
Marc: “Yes, Dad. I just can’t explain it good.”
Dad: “Okay. Then answer me this, ‘Between you and me, who is the dominant one?”
Marc: “That’s easy... Mom is!”

I don’t know if his answer was the result of selective hearing or an intentional jab, proof that he certainly does understand what dominance is!

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