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Tuesday, March 30, 2004


My son, Marc, is going to CCD Classes, learning how to be a Catholic. His classes are held in one of the school rooms at St. Gregory The Great, here in Plantation.
I took him to class, last Thursday, and noticed a slew of art projects lined up in the hall. I couldn't help grabbing my camera and taking the picture, below.
What with all of the hoopla surrounding Mel Gibson's new film, I thought it was particularly funny to imagine this as a movie Poster.

SEE The spectacle of bloody torture!
...SEE the gospel through the eyes of a child!
......SEE Guiseppe Romano's, "THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST"
Starring G.I. Joe as Jesus.

Disclaimer: I am not making fun of the thoughtful kid who worked hard on his/her project. I am making fun of G.I. Joe. He hasn't had a good role since "Black Hawk Down".


Saturday, March 27, 2004

But, Seriously, Folks... 

Not only did I survive my third shift "night from Hell", but I managed to take a daytime daytime drive and capture a picture of my favorite local sign. It's posted between some strip shops and an office building in Plantation.

It's nice to see that someone has a sense of humor!

** A note of thanks to Kevin, for helping me figure out why my titles appeared twice. Now that I know what caused it, all I can say is, " Duuhhhhh," as I slap myself on the forehead.


Friday, March 26, 2004

So Little Time 

It's a bit after 8 PM and I need to be at work by 10. Ugh. I've been trying to add appropriate line breaks and such. Can't figure out why my Blog keeps showing the title twice. Once in regular text and a second time nice and bold.

Anyone got any ideas?


Tuesday, March 23, 2004


What should I say if I can think of nothing to say?
Nothing. Nothing new, at least.
So I’ll dig up some old stories that the reader might find humorous.
My best source will be a particular Word file filled with remembered conversations between my son and I or my son and his mom.
Do you remember that old show, “House Party”? It was hosted by Art Linkletter who would, at one point in the show, interview children. Somehow, he always managed to get them to say something hilarious. This part of the program was known as, “Kids say the Darndest Things.” It was revived, a few years ago, hosted by Bill Cosby.
My Word file is our very own version of KSTDT. Howeverer, I like to call them: “Marcisms.” Here’s a sample:

Recently, Marc decided to show off all of the knowledge he’d gained from watching too many hours of the Animal Planet network. He went on and on about the dominance of ostriches. From his commentary, it seemed that he knew what he was talking about. But I couldn’t be sure. So I asked him if he could define the word. He attempted it and seemed to be on the right track. Still, I wasn’t sure.

Dad: “Marc. Are you sure you really know what dominant means?”
Marc: “Yes, Dad. I just can’t explain it good.”
Dad: “Okay. Then answer me this, ‘Between you and me, who is the dominant one?”
Marc: “That’s easy... Mom is!”

I don’t know if his answer was the result of selective hearing or an intentional jab, proof that he certainly does understand what dominance is!


Saturday, March 20, 2004

War is Good 

It was reported that our president recently said that the war was good for Iraq, good for our country, and good for our world. Maybe not in that order. Not that it'd matter.

I also understand that steak is good. At least the Atkins diet says so. *

I suppose that murder and lying are just about wonderful !

I have to wonder how high the death toll needs to go before more people in Iraq are dead as a result of the war than as a result of the hideopus things Saddam perpetrated while in power. I'm certainly glad that he's out of power. But I'm certainly not happy with the way it came about.

I hate election years. But this time around, Dubya's making it wayyyy too easy.

* I guess Woody Allen's predictions in, "Sleeper," were more accurate than we would ever have guessed. Alvin Toffler: Eat your heart out!


The Resurrection of Tee Dee 

My son is a lover of animals. For the most part, so am I.
So I was a bit surprised by the story he told me about his Thursday's recess at Chesterbrook Academy. It seems he found a turtle. To Marc, a turtle would be the perfect friend. The perfect pet. So he played with it, a bit, and then let some of the younger kids play with it. And you know how careless young kids can be. Apparently they jiggled it about quite aggressively. By the time it was passed back to Marc, it was still. Perfectly still. And it stayed that way for a while. So Marc came to the logical conclusion that his recently vibrant (if a turtle can be vibrant) friend had passed away. Kicked the bucket. Croaked. (and you probably know the rest of that skit.)
So Marc burried his new friend near the garden he'd planted in the Chesterbrook play yard (We'll save that story for another day).
About 13 hours went by and Marc was tending to his garden when some of the other kids thought it would be fun to dig up the turtle. Perhaps they were expecting a zombie turtle. Perhaps they just wanted to make Marc feel even worse.
Surprise! The turtle woke out of some self-induced stupor and began moving about. Marc rescued the turtle from the diggers and promptly brought it to a classmate known for her turtle-raising skills. With the help of a teacher, they determined that the "it" was a she and named her Tee Dee. I'm pleased to report that, although Marc still feels a bit guilty about the whole ordeal, Tee Dee left Chesterbrook alive and well and , yes, even vibrant again.


Thursday, March 18, 2004

Okay. I've finally gone and done it.
No idea what I've gotten myself into.
Prolly be up late at night typing BS into this blog that no one will ever read...


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