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Friday, August 18, 2006

What the hell happened to chuck? 

Life. Man, things are so busy lately that I hardly have a minute for fun stuff. Id take the "Photoshop" challenge at Fark.com, occasionally. Here are some of the results.


Friday, June 02, 2006

One Man's Desert.... 

...is another man's bounty?
The Big A sent me to Arizona about a month and a half ago. I'll be returning to work on the same project in mid-June. Terrible T thinks that Arizona must be Hell and I have to admit that I've only been there in the spring or fall. I'm sure it'll be as hot as Hell in June, but I don't plan to hang around outside in any case. I love traveling on business even though the planning for day care is a hassle. Sometimes it's just nice to get away from the family and the laundry and the arguments over what shows we're going to watch.

And the cacti are gorgeous...


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Life is just one damned thing after another... 

The title is a quote (Elbert Hubbard) I found on the (small "i") internet.
How true. How true.
For the past year or so, I'd been pushing for a small promotion from Instructor to Instructional Designer. It's a hassle having to teach classes at Midnight, let me tell ya.
So I busted my hump and worked on design projects. I almost wrote "thankless" as an adjective to "design projects" - but that wouldn't be fair.

I got the promotion.

Then Naidabel accepted a job in New York.
Our team took one step forward and two steps back. We were already short two designers so promoting me filled one requisition. Naidabel leaving us in the lurch sent us back to GO (do not collect $200). So then I inherited one of her "humongous-and-impossible-to-understand-when-you-join-it-in-the-middle" projects. Nifty. I like a challenge. I get to visit Phoenix! Whoo hoo! I love 125 degree summer weather!

Good News: Jose has been working with Naidabel on this project and has a good handle on it.
Bad news: Jose is jumping ship, too. After next week... Jose go bye bye.

Not that I'm complaining. But.... It sorta explains why it's taken me so long to update this damned blog.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

To photoshop or not to photoshop.... 

As you may already know, Photoshop is the name of a powerful image editing application. Photoshop allows you to touch up old photos. It also lets you blot out the occasional zit or make Grandma look young again (Look! No gray!)
But photoshop is also a verb. And it's become one of my favorite pasttimes, of late.
It all started when I had some spare time to make frequent visits to Fark.com. Each day this web site posts a number of informal contests giving insane people, like me, the opportunity to photoshop a picture. In this case, the goal is to photoshop it into something funny (often crude) or artistic. Or both.
Some photoshoppers actually use Photoshop to edit the image. Others might use Fireworks or even Power Point. Some edits are poorly done while others have a professional look to them. The challenge is to get the altered image posted quickly so it has the opportunity to garner more votes.
Now that I've begun to photoshop for pleasure (and to learn how to use the software) I've stopped posting to Fark. A friend at work showed me a picture of one of his friends that he was was altering and shared the source pic with me. That got me started. Where will it stop? No one knows.
Here's that source picture of my "friend of a friend."

Once I had this image, I could start playing with it.
Here's my first attempt at being hilarious. The victim in this shot is my friend.
Notice how little I altered the images. I simply found an environment to put them into and added some props.
Here, I was getting seriously silly. But it was hard work. I had to reproduce part of his jeans so I could extend them and add the boots. Worked okay. So I decided to do another one with boots that seemed a bit more fitting.
I'm exercising my creativity muscles. It's all great fun.
But don't think I stoppped there. I've been continuing to hone my skills and challenge myself to see what else I can do.
So come on back, soon, for more wackiness.


Friday, March 03, 2006

I suck at updating my blog! 

Right. Now on to something I really care about.
I read an article that was linked from Fark.com, my favorite new hangout. It concerns a young man thrown out of a theater for laughing too loudly during a showing of The Pink Panther. They actually threw this guy out of the theater!
At first, I was incensed! They've got some nerve!
Then I went ahead an read the whole article. That'll teach me. It seems the guy has a disability that sometimes causes him to break out in loud uncontrollable laughter. (Sounds almost as bad as Tourette Syndrome.)
People were complaining about how loud he was. Now it's nice that the theater has offered to give him a free personalized showing, but I think they're bending over backwards.
What if this guy had uncontrollable farting? What if he had Tourettes? Would we be so angry that he was thrown out?
I always wonder why the poor disabled guy gets the special attention and those of us who pay to actually hear all of the lines in a movie have to put up with something annoying (people who leave their cell phone rings on in theaters need to be shot). I know it's not his fault and I certainly don't blame him.
I blame his mother. Why the hell would she take him to see the movie knowing that funny things make him laugh loudly and uncontrollably? Geeze. Don't we abled people have rights, too?

Although, as I understand it, there's not that much to laugh about in that movie. Maybe she thought?... Nahhh


Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Meming Of Life? 

What's in a meme? Or rather - what IS a meme? To put it simply, a meme, like a gene, replicates through culture, whether it be a song or a game, or whatever. Only the strongest songs or games or ideas, will survive.
Go here for a much more intelligent and comprehensive explanation. All that matters, for this blog, is that you know that I received a particular meme fom a friend and am trying to help keep this one alive. I guess you could say that I'm procreating my own version of the original...

So, what is this particular meme? Apparently, it's just a list. This list:

Four Jobs You've Had in Your Life
* Grocery Clerk/Janitor/Cashier

* Chocolatier (Candyman)
* Automotive repairs salesperson
* Corporate Instructor

Four Movies You Could (and Do!) Watch Over and Over Again (1)
* The Nightmare Before Christmas
* Stargate
* Memento

* Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Four Cities/Towns You've Lived In
* Peekskill, New York
* Plantation, Florida
* Fort Lauderdale, Florida
* Back to Plantation, Florida (2)

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch
* Good Eats
* Mythbusters
* The Avatar
* Stranded (With Cash Peters) (3)

Four Places You've Been On Vacation
* London

* Paris
* Washington, D.C.

* San Antonio, Texas

Four Websites You Visit Daily
* fark.com
* wheresgeorge.com
* WilWheaton.net in Exile

Four of Your Favorite Foods
* Chocolate
* Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
* Rare Steak (mooing)
* Brie

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
* Home in bed

* In a movie theater watching something fun
* New York City (with tickets to Spamalot)
* Home in bed cuddling with terrible T

1: I don't really watch any movies over and over again. Some I watch repeatedly with 6 or so months between them. When the kiddies were littler, I did get to see Arthur videos over and over again. I can think of worse things to have to see over and over again.

2: I really have only lived in three cities.
3: On the Travel network. Hilarious!


Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Real simple.
Last week I weighed 162.5 pounds.
I hope to weigh a little less than 160 on May 17.
For each pound I lose, you (yes you!) sponsor me $____.
The money goes to The American Red Cross.

Are you "in?"

(Oh yeah... I can win prizes, too.)


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